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Friday, August 28th, 2009
1:46 pm
the used new album
im so psyched for the used's new album "artwork". Here's the video to their single "blood on my hands"


this monday they're having a listening party on twitter. check it out!


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Friday, June 12th, 2009
11:54 am
Meg and Dia "Infomercial"...
How cute are they? Check out this "infomercial" from Meg and Dia. Classic!


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Friday, May 8th, 2009
3:29 pm
Meg & Dia performing TONIGHT...
Hey! Check this out – Meg & Dia (I love them)…are performing at a bunch of hot topic stores around the west, and tonight their in Arcadia, and tomorrow their in Irvine!! I am going to BOTH! I linked the other dates below. You just buy a shirt or album and you get to meet the band and see them perform!! ALSO, they are performing at THE STRAND w/ The Maine in Huntington Beach next weekend, Saturday 5/16. I am definitely hitting that up too!!

Here are the links for both:


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Sunday, April 26th, 2009
12:03 am
Looking for Duffy "Warwick Avenue" bass tabs
I'm asking for a friend of mine who's started to play bass - would anyone know where to find the bass tabs for Duffy's Warwick Avenue? We've been googling up and down and only found guitar tabs. Thanks in advance, all hints and help is much appreciated!

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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
6:22 pm
Hi Everybody!

We're glad to show You our last song "LASTING WAVES",
than if you want to go on hearing..... there are also some alternative
versions and our cover remixes!

You can find everything inside our - My Space E V O L U T I O N - world:

Come to enjoy us!!

E V O L U T I O N - Electro Power Band - ITALY

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Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
1:41 pm
i have a site that you girls may like!

(if advertising isn't allowed, i'll take it off!)

go ahead--click it. check us out! if you join, you get to fill out a nifty little survey and make new friends!

we're not a rating community--we're for girls of all shapes, sizes, background, and personalities! with album trades, monthly themes, and a hundred active members, what's to loose?

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Thursday, July 13th, 2006
5:55 pm
Okay, so.. I used to have an Ibanez RG120, but I sold it awhile ago. Now, I'm looking into buying another guitar. Thing is, I'm not sure what kind would be a good one for me to get. I'm just looking for a starter (although I don't like Fender, Squire) until I can afford a better one. So, my question to you guys is, what would be a good guitar for playing ska, reggae, oi, punk, and a bit of hardcore, thugcore? I know that I need to find one that I'm comfortable playing, but I'm just asking you guys what would be good ones to play those styles of music so I at least have somewhere to start. Thanks for any help!

*If this kind of post isn't allowed, let me know & I'll delete it!

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Monday, June 26th, 2006
5:58 pm
Gear Question
I went to a guitar shop today.

I hadn't been to one in so long, It pretty much felt like I had some dopamine injected straight into my brain.

So there were two guitars in the $300 range that I really liked. I'm thinking about getting one of them.

and here is me rambeling about themCollapse )

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Thursday, March 30th, 2006
11:03 pm
I just joined. It looks very interesting! My name is Liz, I play guitar and piano, and love to sing. I just won a bass on Ebay, and I can't wait to get it. My favorite performers are Hole, Tori Amos, Patti Smith, Polly Harvey, Belly, Etc. I am happy to join you here!

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Saturday, March 25th, 2006
8:48 pm
I'm fairly new to guitar, and I've been meaning to learn how to play "love is a place" by metric.
if anyone could help me out- it would be greatly appreciated.



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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
7:58 pm

Does anyone have the tabs to The Blow's song, "The Moon is there, I am here" or Mirah's song "The Sun"

Thank you!

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
3:40 am
okay, well.... I'm fairly new at playing any kind of music. when I was in fifth grade, I started taking flute, but I had to quit because of braces and no matter what I tried, it was impossible to get a note out. I stick mainly to the guitar and the piano now, and believe me when I say, I've definitely got a LOT to learn. lol
anyway, I was browsing through music communities, and this looked like a pretty place.... (duh)
I was actually wondering how many other people here play the piano? I was going to ask you guys, I'm having a really hard time keeping up with the keys. I'm coordinated enough to be able to move my hands around and play both at the same time, but I can't seem to remember which note is which (both on the piano and on the sheet music), so I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or tips to help remember it?

well, I'm gonna run. ^.^ I'm always looking for somebody to talk to, so if you're bored, feel free to leave me a comment anytime!!!!!!!!

edit: I was also wondering if anyone knew where I could find sheet music for... I think the name of it is chopsticks? I heard some of it and loved it, and I can't seem to find it anywhere.... <.< it's weird.... anyway... okay, I'm leaving now... for real, I mean.....

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Friday, August 5th, 2005
12:50 pm
so what's this community up to?
are your musical projects going ok, girls? are you in the kind of band you wanted? what do you dream of in music? say, say!

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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
9:21 pm
a new member :)
Hi everyone! I just joined. My name is Morgan. I looked at this community and it just seems like a really cool place to be so I joined. I have been singing and reading music my whole life, and I've made many attempts at learning guitar. I own one, and I've taken lessons, but I haven't quite gotten it down, it hasn't sunk in. But I've been practicing a lot lately. I have a book and I am trying to teach myself how to play--it's a slow process but I really want to keep practicing and learning. However, I have NO idea how to read tablature. Anyone know how I can figure that out?

It's great to be here, feel free to add me or IM me (my AIM is on my profile).

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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
8:23 pm
Hey yalls a really cool site for musicans, writers, and artists is http://groups.msn.com/TheOffbeatParadigm You should check it out! Peace and tofu chicken grease, -Sari-

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Thursday, March 10th, 2005
12:52 am
hahah oh man....
so i decided on my way home tonight that i was going to write a song for my lil brother cuse well i have no cd player in my car cuse it broke so i have to keep myself amused somehow... i have to come up with music to it but tell me what you think of the lyrics

the music will prolly be hevey distortion punk type with like 4 chords just so you have some sort of idea

lil lenny what happend to you?
your jolly jumper is too small for you
choo-choo trains you out grew
whats an older sister to do?

you ran and hid from the vaccuume cleaner
in my room cuse you were a wenier
your room isnt any cleaner
neither is mine... so never mind

go go power rangers
gotta catch em all pokemon!
thomas and all of his friends

you've put away all of your trains
pikachu is mad at you
terrorsaur wont fly any more
and where the hell is that damn dragon dagger

lil lenny what happend to you?
your jolly jumper is too small for you
choo-choo trains you out grew
whats an older sister to do?

go go power rangers
gotta catch em all pokemon!
thomas and all of his friends

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
1:20 am
anyone wanna play guitar with me?

not like as in a band type thing... just someone to chill with and play songs together with... its more fun with someone else cuse then you learn from one another

music is one of the few things that makes me feel less stressed and i have a better attention span with playing if there is someone to be playing with cuse no one in my house seems to wanna listen to what im playing nor do they understand if i say "gah this chord sucks to change to from that one!"

so if anyone else is interested in making a friend, playing music, and hanging out(or any of those heh)and live in berkshire county just reply to this or message me on AIM at THEERainbowChick


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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
8:45 pm
Hello - from the (formerly inactive) Moderator!
Hi all! My name is Jac, I started this community. I've been an inactive moderator due to a series of un/forunate events.

I'm amazed to see how many members there are, and how my intentions of gender-positivity and non-elitism are in progress here.

Now I'd like to be an actual moderator.

1. Is anyone interested in being a moderator as well?
2. Does anyone have any ideas/opinions for the community?
3. Broken links to report? (except the broken picture link on the Info page; I already know about that and intend to fix it)

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
9:39 pm
Hi, i'm brand new and thought I'd come bearing gifts.. I'm saddened at the inablity of mainstream and underground/indie punk scene to represent what i feel.. I've almsot given up on the english language as it may. I'm very much into my Asian roots, and want to spread the message of Japanese Girl hardcore punk, because it's beautiful in too many ways.

I offer gift of tab i'm working on for a japanese song. It's by the glorious band GO!GO!7188, not an all chick band but damn near there in the idea of it. If you want to hear the song I'm hosting it below:

it's just a really rad song.. spread the love.
Read more...Collapse )
peace, love and $40 million to ya.

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
7:38 pm
hey. so im new....i've just started guitar and i really need some new songs (tabs please hehe) to play because i am learning fast and my lessons are only once a week...

i already love playing. i know im going to play forever....like even tho i can only play 2 songs and several chords its amazing and it helps me so much because i have been having some problems lately


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