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girl music tabs !
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girl_tablature Memories - easily check out previously posted tabs and topics here!

Doesn't it fuckin' bite how you can hardly find girl tabs out there for guitar, bass guitar, drums, and other instruments?

Feel uneasy around mostly male musicians at shows and in music stores wanking off on guitars, creating atmospheres of elitism and sexism?
Like music is an impossible level of high status rather than a comfortably available expression of emotion?

Well let's make a difference!

Here's our place to:
+ submit links to tabs of girl music
+ submit your own tabs of girl musicians/bands
+ request tabs of girl musicians/bands
+ ask questions and/or suggest modifications to what is posted
+ learn music in a girl-positive, supportive, non-judgemental, non-elitist community
+ ask questions about music gear, musical terms, and related music topics.

Each tab will be archived in the Memories section for easy access.

All genders are allowed and warmly welcomed!

Links outside of the community:

Bikini Kill
+ guitar tabs
+ Drums in Memories section <3

+ guitar tabs

Le Tigre
+ guitar tabs
+ guitar tabs

+ guitar tabs
+ guitar tabs
+ Drum tabs are in the Memories section!